Bravada Select 3 1/2" Vertical Blinds

The most popular choice in window coverings for sliding glass doors are vertical blinds. This is because they are the only blinds that open in the same fashion as a sliding door. We've put together an assortment of Vertical blinds that should satisfy your decorating needs.
  • Child Safe Cordless Premium Steel Headrail for consistent long term performance
  • Colors coordinate with faux wood blinds 
  • Measurments are exact 
  • Fast Shipping from USA

The 3½" S-shaped vinyl louvers or the 3½" Crown vinyl louvers will uplift the entire look of your house. Valances are an option for these Vertical blinds. The technology used in these vinyl blinds is such that you will get the impression that these blinds are made of fabric. The different kinds of designs and the textures of excellent patterns used in these blinds give the look of Flame stitch, Linens, Jacquards and Silk String fabrics to the overall effect of the blinds. These vinyl blinds are the perfect attire for the patio sliding door, and they are made sturdy and robust due to the use of advanced and patented technology. Thus, these blinds are durable, and they ensure that they last for years together without compromising on the color or texture of the Graber vertical blinds . They also have fantastic light controlling abilities along with being super convenient to clean and maintain. These blinds give more freedom to opt for a better light control option and more of privacy by choosing the fabric to be inserted into a channel panel, or they can be left in the free hanging state. By using these blinds at your home, you can raise the luxury and beauty quotient of your house by multiple folds thereby making a style statement of your own. The light filtering capabilities of the blinds are superior and can be customized as per your requirement.


- Fabric louvers can be free hanging or inserted into channel panel for more light control and privacy
- Easy to install